MP3 Player by Apple - iPod Touch 5 - 32 Gb

Apple iPod touch - 5th generation - digital player - Apple iOS 7 - flash 32 GB - display: 4"

  • It's the thinnest,lightest iPod touch ever 
  • Brilliant design 
  • 4-inch Retina display 
  • One-handed use 
  • Panorama 
  • Lightning connector 

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280,00 €

(231,40 € tax excl.)

include 0,16 € for green tax

There's thin and light. Then there's thin and light on a whole new level. iPod touch now has a superthin aluminum body that feels barely there in your hand or pocket. It comes in colors so fun,it's impossible to choose just one (but you'll have to). With brand-new Apple EarPods,iPod touch sounds as good as it looks. And the iPod touch loop makes it all even more un-put-downable.

More screen means,well,more of everything. More music,messages,and websites. When it's game time,your fingers will have more room to rule. And all of your stuff looks stunning on the Retina display.

The panorama feature lets you capture your whole wide world. Advanced optics,tap to focus,an LED flash,and face detection give iPod touch serious point-and-shoot skills. And the iPod touch loop keeps it all close at hand. 


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