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Gold Note

Gold Note - PSU-1000

Gold Note - PSU-1000

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Gold Note PSU-1000 Super Inductive Power Supply

Maximize Your Audio System’s Performance with Pristine Power

The Gold Note PSU-1000 is a super inductive power supply designed to enhance the performance of your audio system. It provides an ultra-clean power source that significantly reduces electrical noise and interference, allowing your electronics to perform at their best. The PSU-1000 is the perfect upgrade for audiophiles seeking to extract every ounce of detail and realism from their music.

Key Features:

  • Super Inductive Dual Choke Design: Eliminates interference and electrical noise from the AC power system.
  • Massive Power Reserve: With a 1000 watt overall power supply, it ensures a shield from the AC power grid.
  • Multiple Transformers: Powered by 5 transformers, including 3 for the power supply, 1 for the inductive choke filter, and 1 for galvanic insulation of the audio stage.
  • Compatible with 1000 Series: Designed to overdrive all 1000 series units, except the amps, for the best resolution.
  • Finishes: Available in brushed aluminum with Black, Silver, or Gold finishes to match your system aesthetics.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Supply: 100-120V / 220-240V with auto sense, 50/60Hz
  • Total Power Reserve: 1000W
  • Power Absorption: 100W
  • Dynamic Power: >200W
  • Standby Power: <1W
  • Low-Noise Voltage Regulators: 5
  • Maximum Variation of Output Voltage: 0.05%
  • Line Noise Rejection: >80dB
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection: >80dB
  • Full Power Response Time: <2.5µsec
  • Dimensions: 425mm W | 135mm H | 360mm D
  • Weight: 20kg net, 25kg boxed

The PSU-1000 is not just a power supply; it’s a critical component that ensures your audio system operates in an ideal electrical environment, free from the common disturbances of the AC power grid.

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