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Gold Note

Gold Note - T-5

Gold Note - T-5

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Gold Note T-5 Turntable

Compact Elegance with Audiophile Performance The T-5 turntable is Gold Note’s answer to the contemporary audiophile’s needs. It combines compact design with exceptional performance, staying true to Gold Note’s signature sound quality. The T-5 is a testament to the art of vinyl reproduction, crafted with precision and care in Italy.

High-Quality Components The T-5 features a 15mm thick ultra-clear glass platter, providing the right density and structure to extract fine details from vinyl grooves while minimizing noise. The platter rests on an inverted bearing, ensuring stable and frictionless rotation.


  • Wow & Flutter: 0.3%
  • Rumble: -72dB
  • Speed: 33⅓rpm and 45rpm
  • Speed Changing: Manual (groove on the pulley)
  • Transmission: Belt in NBR 70 Shore
  • Motor: 12V synchronous
  • Plinth: 23mm in HDF
  • Platter: 15mm in Ultra-Clear glass
  • Tonearm: Gold Note B-5.2
  • Dust Cover: Transparent acrylic (removable)
  • Power Supply: 12V AC, 100-120V (60Hz) / 220-240V (50Hz)
  • Power Consumption: Max 3W
  • Dimensions: 425mm W | 140mm H | 360mm D
  • Weight: 7.5kg net, 12.5kg boxed
  • Finish: Black with Ultra-Clear glass platter

Designed for the Modern Listener The T-5’s plinth is made from HDF, a high-density composite material that’s both strong and lightweight. The plinth’s design minimizes resonance by breaking the transmission pattern of vibrations, ensuring a pure and uncolored sound.

Aesthetic and Practical With its elegant black lacquer finish and removable transparent acrylic dust cover, the T-5 is as much a visual statement as it is an auditory one. It’s a smart and practical choice for anyone looking to enjoy their vinyl collection without compromise.

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