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Wharfedale Evo 4.2

Wharfedale Evo 4.2

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The Wharfedale EVO 4.2 is a powerful 3-way bookshelf loudspeaker designed to deliver exceptional audio performance. Developed alongside the flagship Elysian range, the EVO4 series inherits cutting-edge technologies, tonal accuracy, and build quality, making it an enticing choice for audiophiles seeking high-end sound without breaking the bank.

Key Specifications:

  1. Speaker Type: 3-way bookshelf speaker
  2. Enclosure Type: Bass reflex
  3. Transducer Complement:
    • Bass Driver: 6.5" black woven Kevlar® cone
    • Midrange Driver: 2" soft dome
    • Treble Driver: 1.18x2.36" AMT (Ribbon) Tweeter
  4. Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M): 88dB
  5. Recommended Amplifier Power: 25-120 watts
  6. Peak SPL: 105dB
  7. Nominal Impedance: 8Ω (Compatible Minimum Impedance: 4.3Ω)
  8. Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 54Hz ~ 22kHz
  9. Bass Extension (-6dB): 42Hz
  10. Dimensions (HxWxD): 17.9" x 9.8" x 13.7" (455.0mm x 250.0mm x 350.0mm)
  11. Net Weight: 29.48 lbs (13.40 kg)


  • AMT Tweeter (Air Motion Transformer):
    • The AMT tweeter employs a pleated lightweight diaphragm driven by strategically placed magnets. It ensures wide bandwidth, low distortion, and exceptional musical detail without harshness.
  • Dome Midrange:
    • The specially designed fabric dome midrange disperses rear energy, resulting in improved detail, lower distortion, and extended low-frequency performance.
    • Linear response from 800Hz to 5kHz allows for broader dispersion and greater clarity.
  • Classic British Sound:
    • The EVO4 series retains the natural, musical, and addictive sound associated with classic British speakers.
    • Ultra-low coloration and transparency rival Wharfedale’s premium Elysian range.

Room Suitability:

The Wharfedale EVO 4.2 performs optimally in various room sizes:

  • Near-field: Poor
  • Small Room: Average
  • Mid-size Room: Good
  • Large Room: Average
  • Very Large Room: Poor

(*Approximate Room sizes: Small < 100 sq. ft / 9 m², Mid-size: 100-220 sq. ft / 9-20 m², Large 220-400 sq. ft / 20-36 m², Very Large: > 400 sq. ft / 36 m². Average Floor Height: 9" / 2.7m. Actual room experience varies based on floor height, room shape, surface materials, listening position, and speaker locations.)

EVO4 Series:

The EVO4 series bridges the gap between Wharfedale’s award-winning Diamond 11 series and their future flagship, the Elysian speakers. With its elegant design, advanced technology, and impressive performance, the Wharfedale EVO 4.2 stands out as an excellent choice for discerning audio enthusiasts.

Experience refined audio quality with the Wharfedale EVO 4.2 bookshelf speakers! 

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