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Pylon Jasper 23 - Pair

Pylon Jasper 23 - Pair

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Pylon Series Endings

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As we did in it’s bigger brothers case, we entrusted the playback to proven speakers of the Danish Scanspeak. The transducers used have been specially selected in a series of acoustic measurements and hours of subjective tests. Lows and mids are run by a pair of famous 15 cm Revelators, with their characteristic cuts designed to reduce membrane’s distortion and its standing waves. We entrusted the treble to a silk tweeter with an ultra-light 18-gram vibrating system. This tweeter is characterized by extreme speed, and effortless reproducing the smallest details.

When designing the cabinet, we made every effort to create the perfect conditions for the operation of the speakers used. Taking advantage of our experienced engineers and extensive research facilities (including an anechoic chamber and laser accelerometer), we have ended up with a housing without any cuboidal forms, with aligned acoustic centers of the speakers in the most critical mid-treble section, and minimalised diffraction. The extreme stiffness of the cabinet was achieved thanks to high-class, thick MDF boards, while the front is made in the sandwich technology. These treatments, together with precisely placed structural reinforcements, ensure the signifficant reduction of all self-resonances and distortions.

The effect of the above efforts fully met our assumptions: design, quality and character of the Jasper line enclosed in a small, slim and elegant cabinet. Jasper 23 offers enormous possibilities of rendering sound space and huge (considering its size) potential of reproducing the lowest frequencies.

The columns are dedicated for use in rooms with a floor area from 18 to 35 m2.

  • Impedance - 4 Ohm
  • Bandwidth - 35 Hz - 20k Hz
  • Nominal power - 100 W
  • Maximum power - 200 W
  • Efficiency - 88 dB
  • Dimensions [W x H x D] - 166x992x401 mm
  • Weight - 26 kg / pcs
  • Tweeter - D2608/913000 (Scan-Speak)
  • Woofer - 2 x 15W/8531K00 (Scan-Speak)
  • Speaker - grille Yes
  • Spikes + stand - Yes
  • Warranty - 4 years

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