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Gold Note

Gold Note - Giotto

Gold Note - Giotto

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Gold Note GIOTTO MC Phono Cartridge

Overview: Introducing the Gold Note GIOTTO, the latest addition to the esteemed MC (Moving Coil) cartridge collection. Designed for the audiophile who seeks nothing but the best, the GIOTTO is a testament to Gold Note’s commitment to uncompromising musical pleasure. With its refined Ultra Micro Elliptical diamond and Boron cantilever, the GIOTTO promises extended frequency response, outstanding dynamics, and an elegant sound that will breathe new life into any vinyl collection.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Micro Elliptical Diamond Stylus: The GIOTTO’s stylus offers superior contact with the record groove, ensuring fine detail retrieval and a dynamic soundstage.
  • Boron Cantilever: The use of Boron for the cantilever provides an excellent balance of rigidity and low mass, resulting in precise imaging and an extended high-frequency response.
  • Duralumin 7000 Body: The cartridge body is crafted from a high-grade Duralumin alloy, known for its strength and vibration-damping properties, delivering a clean and interference-free audio experience.

Full Specifications:

  • Type: MC Low Output Phono Cartridge
  • Output Level: 0.35mV
  • Frequency Response: 10-40,000Hz
  • Impedance:
  • Suggested Load: 220Ω
  • Compliance: 12×10−6cm/dyne
  • Channel Separation: > 30dB
  • Suggested Tracking Weight: 2g
  • Cantilever: Boron
  • Diamond: Ultra Micro Elliptical (5×150 µm)
  • Weight: 10g
  • Body Material: Duralumin 7000


  • Extended Frequency Response: The GIOTTO delivers an expansive frequency range, capturing every nuance from the deepest bass to the highest treble.
  • Dynamic Sound Reproduction: With its advanced stylus and cantilever design, the GIOTTO ensures a lively and engaging listening experience.
  • Elegant Aesthetic Design: The sleek and modern appearance of the GIOTTO makes it not only an auditory delight but also a visual complement to any high-end turntable.

Ideal For:

  • Vinyl connoisseurs who demand the ultimate precision and detail from their audio setup.
  • Those who value both the aesthetics and performance of their audio components and seek a cartridge that excels in both.

The Gold Note GIOTTO is a masterpiece of Italian engineering, offering an auditory experience that is as luxurious as it is precise.

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