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Gold Note

Gold Note - PSU-10 EVO

Gold Note - PSU-10 EVO

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The PSU-10 EVO is a high-current power supply engineered with premium audio-grade components to enhance the performance of the DS-10 (both CLASSIC and PLUS) and all the EVO electronics within the Series 10. Let’s dive into the specifics:

  • Design Philosophy:

    • The PSU-10 EVO merges the qualities of an inductive power supply, dual choke, and multi-cascode transformers design. Instead of merely “enlarging” or creating a dual-mono external power supply, it virtually creates an ideal filter, providing the best energy to clean the AC power and stimulate the connected unit to express its full potential.
    • The PSU-10 EVO now offers greater energy, a larger power supply, and an additional cascode transformer filtering the power compared to the classic PSU-10.
    • Just as the acclaimed PSU-10 did for the well-appreciated PH-10 phono stage, the PSU-10 EVO elevates the DS-10 to noticeable upper-class performance.
  • Technical Specifications:

    • Power Supply:
      • Voltage: 100-120V / 220-240V (auto-sensing), 50/60Hz
      • Nominal Power: 70W
      • Dynamic Power: >100W
      • Standby Power: <1W
    • Maximum Variation of Output Voltage: 0.05%
    • Line Noise Rejection: >80dB
    • Common Mode Noise Rejection: >80dB
    • Dimensions and Weight:
      • Dimensions: 200mm W | 80mm H | 260mm D
      • Weight: 4kg (net), 5kg (boxed)
    • Finishes:
      • Brushed Aluminum in Black, Silver, or Gold

The PSU-10 EVO is designed to elevate your audio experience, providing clean, stable power to your Gold Note components. Whether you’re enjoying vinyl through the DS-10 phono stage or other Series 10 EVO electronics, the PSU-10 EVO ensures optimal performance and musicality.

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