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Gold Note

Gold Note - Tube 1006

Gold Note - Tube 1006

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Gold Note TUBE 1006 Class A Tube Output Stage

Elevate Your Audio Experience The Gold Note TUBE 1006 represents the pinnacle of tube output stage design, offering an unparalleled Class A listening experience. It’s the perfect choice for audiophiles seeking to add the warmth and richness of tubes to their sound system. The TUBE 1006 enhances Gold Note sources to reach new heights of sonic performance through its Class A 6 tubes output stage.

Innovative Design Featuring Gold Note’s proprietary Totem-Pole Output Stage design, the TUBE 1006 boasts six independent stages per single tube. This unique approach ensures an ultra-wide bandwidth response and ultra-low distortion, preserving the purity of the audio signal.


  • Input Sensitivity: 4Vrms
  • Max Input Level: 10Vrms linear
  • Max Output Level @ XLR: 15Vrms
  • Max Output Level @ RCA: 7.5Vrms
  • Output Impedance: <600 Ohm
  • Recommended Load: >5K Ohm
  • Power Absorption: 40W
  • Power Supply: Gold Note custom made transformer
  • Gain: +3.5 dB
  • Tubes: 6n1p x 6
  • No coupling transformers on the IN/OUT
  • Dimensions: 430mm W | 135mm H | 375mm D
  • Weight: 11 kg

Seamless Integration The TUBE 1006 is easy to connect and control, also featuring a dedicated MUTE button for maximum convenience. It can match with Gold Note sources such as CD1000, DS-1000, P-1000, and PH-1000, making it a versatile addition to any high-end audio setup.

Aesthetic Appeal Available in three finishes—black, silver, and gold—the TUBE 1006 is not only sonically superior but also a visually stunning component that complements any audio system.

Pure Class-A Tube Stage By enhancing Gold Note sources with the TUBE 1006, you can achieve a new level of audio performance, bringing the best of Solid State and Tube technologies together in perfect harmony.

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