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JAMO S7-17B Bookshelf

JAMO S7-17B Bookshelf

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The JAMO S7-17B bookshelf speakers are a part of the Studio7 series, designed to deliver high-resolution and room-filling sound for movies, TV shows, soundtracks, and games. These speakers are a testament to Jamo’s 50-year legacy, combining top-tier components with a Scandinavian design that is both visually striking and acoustically effective.

Product Features:

  • Crystal-Clear High Frequencies: The S7-17B features a new 1-inch tweeter with a copper faraday ring, which increases sensitivity and reduces non-linear distortion. The fabric tweeter and surround provide a non-fatiguing yet detailed sound with wide bandwidth.
  • Natural Bass: The bass drivers include embossed paper cones and high-strength motor assemblies with aluminum inductance shorting rings. This design lowers distortion for clean, dynamic bass and improves transient response for snappy yet natural bass.
  • Scandinavian Design: The Studio7 series owes its name to the 7° tilt of the speakers, which helps them look distinctive and ensures a coherent sound stage. The rounded corners of the cabinet reduce diffraction, allowing energy to dissipate gently without coloring the signal.

Product Connectivity:

  • The S7-17B speakers are designed for ease of placement, whether on a bookshelf or mounted on a wall. They offer a wide sound stage, making them versatile for various audio setups.

Product Specifications and Dimensions in Metrics:

  • Tweeter: 1-inch (2.54 cm) diameter
  • Woofer: Large 7-inch (17.78 cm) diameter
  • Frequency Response: 64 Hz - 25 kHz
  • Power Handling: 40-150 W
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 87.2 dB @ 2.83 V/1 m
  • Dimensions: 36.5 x 23 x 38 cm
  • Weight: 8.37 kg/item
  • Colors: Inspired by Norwegian fjords (dark blue) and Finnish forests (grey)

The JAMO S7-17B bookshelf speakers are perfect for those who appreciate superior sound quality in a compact package, offering flexibility in placement and a design that enhances any living space.

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